In Nomine Dei Summi - Sermon 5

From R. E. McNally, "In nomine Dei summi": Seven Hiberno-Latin Sermons', Traditio 35 (1979), pp. 121-43.


In the name of God most high.

'Fear the Lord' and 'love' always, for the Lord is gentle and generous with those who love him; but he is furious and angry with sinners and with those who have contempt for his commandments.

God teaches vigils,
The devil teaches sleepiness.

God teaches fasting,
The devil teaches saturation.

God teaches generosity,
The devil teaches avarice.

God teaches chastity,
The devil teaches fornication.

God teaches gentleness,
The devil teaches anger.

God teaches patience,
The devil teaches impatience.

God teaches humility,
The devil teaches pride.

God teaches peace,
The devil teaches controversy.

God teaches love of neighbour,
The devil teaches killing.

If we consent to the Lord, he leads us into the kingdom.

If we consent to the devil, he leads us into hell; hence we resist him with strength, and he flees from us.

Love the Lord for it is good, he always was, and is, and will be.

We shall reign with him without end, if 'we keep his commandments' and we will be 'sons of God'.

Scripture speaks to each and every one of us: do not sell your wheat for straw, nor give away your light for the darkness, nor your God for a human being. The love of a human being leads to sorrow; the love of Christ enlightens the heart and leads to eternal life. So love your God as he has loved you. 'He who perseveres' in the love of Christ 'up to the end, he will be saved'.

(From "Journeys on the Edge: the Celtic Tradition" by Thomas O'Loughlin, (Traditions of Christian Spirituality Series) 2000, London, Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd. )

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