St. Brendan in Florida?

The Gaelic foundation of Orthodox Catholic Christianity in America in the 1st Millenium.

Follow the link for an extract from "From A History of the Irish Settlers in North America" by Thomas D'Arcy McGee. About the Icelandic records of 'Irland it Mikla' (Ireland the Great) in the region from Virginia to Florida. Hvitramannaland - White-robed men's land, being conterminous with Dixie.

There are strong local oral traditions about this and similar matters - including that of St. Brendan making his landfall at what is today Jacksonville, FL on the St. John's River (later in the colonial period, site of the first attempt in the region by the French - who were burned out by the Spanish when St. Augustine's was founded down the coast.) In the Gulf Coast, at Mobile, AL we have the much later site of Prince Madoc of Gwynedd's landing (apparently with knowledge obtained through the old Gaelic and Norse traditions.)