Choir Habit of a Degreed English Priest

Choir Habit of a Degreed English Priest
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Another example - the Choir Habit of the English old Catholic / Anglo-Catholic / Orthodox Anglican tradition. The Hood and Tippet are actually part of one garment - the appropriate hood is worn according to the degree held (BTh, MDiv, MTh, DD, DMin, etc.) One can see the ecclesiastical origin of the Western Academic dress here clearly as the original universities, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh were all Seminaries.

The Sarum Cassock is not clear in this case. However, one can see the wide sleeves of the Surplice which is variously called Old English, Medieval, or Warham Guild style. It is thought by some to be a type of alb, possibly from the old Gallican Alb of the early Western church (an unbelted voluminous white linen garment) - a more abbreviated form is variously called Anglican or Benedictine, and the extremely abbreviated form with lace is the Roman style (with a square yoke, and extreme abbreviation, one has the Cotta .. a similar garment.)

This is what a priest would wear praying the Divine Office or Hours (Morningsong, Evensong - Matins, Lauds, Prime, Vespers, Compline, etc.)

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